NVIDIA CEO Highlights AI and Accelerated Computing at COMPUTEX 2024


In a keynote address ahead of the COMPUTEX technology conference in Taipei, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI and accelerated computing. According to the NVIDIA Blog, Huang emphasized that the convergence of AI and accelerated computing is poised to redefine the future.

Huang addressed an audience of over 6,500 industry leaders, press, entrepreneurs, gamers, creators, and AI enthusiasts at the National Taiwan University Sports Center. Clad in his signature black leather jacket, Huang stated, “The intersection of AI and accelerated computing is set to redefine the future.”

‘One-Year Rhythm’

During his presentation, Huang unveiled a roadmap for new semiconductors set to be released annually. The forthcoming Rubin platform will feature new GPUs, an Arm-based CPU named Vera, and advanced networking components including NVLink 6 and CX9 SuperNIC.

“Our company has a one-year rhythm. Our basic philosophy is very simple: build the entire data center scale, disaggregate, and sell to you parts on a one-year rhythm, and push everything to technology limits,” Huang explained.

‘Accelerated Computing Is Sustainable Computing’

Huang also discussed the sustainability of accelerated computing, emphasizing that combining GPUs and CPUs can deliver up to a 100x speedup while only tripling power consumption. “The more you buy, the more you save,” he noted, highlighting significant cost and energy savings.

Industry Joins NVIDIA to Build AI Factories

Leading computer manufacturers, particularly from Taiwan, are adopting NVIDIA GPUs and networking solutions to build AI systems. Companies including ASRock Rack, ASUS, GIGABYTE, Pegatron, and Supermicro are creating cloud, on-premises, and edge AI systems using NVIDIA’s technologies.

The NVIDIA MGX modular reference design platform now supports the Blackwell architecture, optimized for large language model inference and data processing. AMD and Intel are also supporting the MGX architecture with their CPU host processor designs.

Next-Generation Networking with Spectrum-X

In networking, Huang announced the annual release of Spectrum-X products, designed to meet the growing demand for high-performance Ethernet networking for AI. NVIDIA Spectrum-X enhances network performance by 1.6x over traditional Ethernet fabrics.

CoreWeave, GMO Internet Group, and other AI cloud service providers are among the first to embrace Spectrum-X for their AI infrastructures.

NVIDIA NIM to Transform Millions Into Gen AI Developers

With NVIDIA NIM, developers can now easily create generative AI applications. NIM provides models as optimized containers that can be deployed on clouds, data centers, or workstations. Nearly 200 technology partners are integrating NIM into their platforms to speed generative AI deployments.

“Today we just posted up in Hugging Face the Llama 3 fully optimized,” Huang said. “You can run it in the cloud, download this container, put it into your own data center, and make it available for your customers.”

NVIDIA Brings AI Assistants to Life With GeForce RTX AI PCs

NVIDIA’s RTX AI PCs, powered by RTX technologies, are set to revolutionize consumer experiences with over 200 RTX AI laptops and more than 500 AI-powered apps and games. The RTX AI Toolkit and NIM inference microservices for the NVIDIA ACE digital human platform underscore NVIDIA’s commitment to AI accessibility.

NVIDIA is also collaborating with Microsoft to help developers bring new generative AI capabilities to their Windows native and web apps.

NVIDIA Robotics Adopted by Industry Leaders

NVIDIA is spearheading the shift toward industrial digitization with autonomous operations and digital twins. Taiwanese manufacturers are using NVIDIA’s technology to transform their factories, leveraging tools like Omniverse, Isaac, and Metropolis for enhanced robotic facilities.

Global electronics giants are integrating NVIDIA’s autonomous robotics into their factories, utilizing simulation in Omniverse to test and validate AI for the physical world. This includes over 5 million preprogrammed robots worldwide.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise on the IGX platform, in partnership with companies like ADLINK and Advantech, delivers edge AI solutions that meet strict regulatory standards, essential for industries like medical technology.

A Tribute to Taiwan

Huang concluded his keynote by paying tribute to Taiwan and NVIDIA’s partners there. “Thank you,” Huang said. “I love you guys.”

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