Midnight Society cuts DrDisrespect after internal investigation


Midnight Society, the creator-led developer behind Web3 extraction shooter Deadrop, has cut ties with cofounder Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm following an internal investigation into alleged misconduct.

Over the weekend, a former Twitch employee allegedly revealed why DrDisrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch in 2020. At the time, the Amazon-owned games streaming platform did not reveal the reason for the ban. According to Cody Conners, formerly an account director, strategic partnerships at Twitch, Beahm was banned for inappropriately messaging a minor. Additionally, the Verge subsequently corroborated these claims.

After these initial allegations made waves, Midnight Society also conducted an internal investigation into its cofounder. Today, the studio distanced itself from DrDisrespect, terminating its relationship with its cofounder.

Prior to this weekend’s alleged reveal, DrDisrespect sued Twitch over his ban and reached an agreement with the platform in 2022. In this legal settlement, no party admitted wrongdoing, but Twitch paid out the remainder of Beahm’s exclusivity contract. On Friday June 22, Beahm maintained that he did “nothing illegal, [and] no wrongdoing was found.”

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The fate of Midnight Society, Deadrop and its 55 employees remains uncertain. Like all creator-led startups, the company’s reputation is tied to that of its creator cofounder. Midnight Society may recover its reputation by distancing itself from DrDisrespect. However, losing Beahm’s platform and community means the studio loses a key competitive advantage.

For now, DrDisrespect announced he would be taking an indefinite break from streaming.

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