How Low Will The King Of Crypto Crawl Before Its Roaring Return?


Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, finds itself at a critical juncture as several key metrics point towards a possible price downturn.

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin has experienced a downward trend, with its value plummeting below the $42,000 mark after briefly touching $48,000 on January 11th.

Caution Signals Flash As Crypto Metrics Shift

One of the prominent metrics signaling caution is the Fear and Greed Index, which currently stands at 52, reflecting a neutral sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. However, historical patterns indicate that when the index enters the greed zone, a price correction often follows.


Further exacerbating concerns is the Network Value to Transactions (NVT) Ratio. This ratio, which serves as a measure of asset valuation, has seen a significant surge recently, implying a potential overvaluation of the cryptocurrency.

Such a development raises questions about the sustainability of the current price levels and invites scrutiny regarding a possible correction.

BTC Exchange Reserve. Source: Cryptoquant

Adding to the apprehension, Bitcoin’s trading volume has witnessed a decline, indicating waning investor interest. CoinMarketCap data reveals diminished trading activity, suggesting a cooling off period for the cryptocurrency.

This sentiment is echoed by Glassnode’s findings, which show a substantial increase in BTC deposits on exchanges. The influx of coins being deposited signifies mounting selling pressure on the cryptocurrency, further fueling concerns of a potential price decline.

Source: Coinglass

Bitcoin Massive Sell-Off From Investors

Compounding the cautious outlook, Bitcoin’s aSORP (average Spent Output Profit Ratio) has dipped into negative territory. This indicates that a larger number of investors are selling at a profit, which often acts as a bearish signal and may suggest the possibility of a market top.

Turning attention to the derivatives market, Bitcoin’s taker buy/sell ratio currently leans towards selling sentiment, as denoted by its red status.

Additionally, BTC’s Futures Open Interest has remained relatively stagnant, hinting at a market characterized by sluggish movement and limited trading activity.

BTCUSD slightly above the $41K level today. Chart:

While it is essential to acknowledge the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency markets, the convergence of these metrics warrants careful consideration among Bitcoin investors.

The combination of a neutral Fear and Greed Index, an elevated NVT Ratio, increased selling pressure, and bearish signals in the derivatives market paints a challenging outlook for the cryptocurrency in the near term.

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