Bitcoin futures and options open interest soars in February


Open interest, the total number of outstanding derivative contracts that have not been settled, is an important metric for gauging market health and sentiment. An increase in open interest means new money entering the market, showing heightened trading activity and interest in Bitcoin. Conversely, a decline suggests closing positions, potentially indicating a change in market sentiment or a consolidation phase. Monitoring these trends is important for understanding the liquidity, volatility, and future price expectations in the market.

In a bullish market, an increase in open interest often correlates with rising prices, suggesting that new money is betting on further price appreciation. This scenario typically reflects a strong market sentiment and investor confidence in Bitcoin’s upward trajectory. On the other hand, in a bearish context, growing open interest might indicate that investors are hedging against expected price declines, revealing a more cautious or negative market outlook.

Furthermore, the balance between call and put options within the open interest provides deeper insights into market sentiment. A predominance of calls suggests a bullish market sentiment, with many investors expecting price rises, whereas a majority of puts can indicate bearish expectations.

February saw a significant increase in open interest for Bitcoin futures and options.

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 20, Bitcoin futures open interest grew from $16.41 billion to $22.69 billion. This substantial rise suggests that traders were increasingly entering into futures contracts, anticipating higher volatility or making directional bets on Bitcoin’s price. Interestingly, this period aligns with a notable increase in Bitcoin’s price, from $42,560 to $52,303, suggesting a bullish sentiment among futures traders. The slight decrease in open interest by Feb.26 to $22.21 billion, alongside a marginal dip in Bitcoin’s price to $51,716, could indicate some traders taking profits or closing positions in anticipation of a consolidation phase or to reduce exposure ahead of potential volatility.

Graph showing the open interest on Bitcoin futures from Feb. 1 to Feb. 26, 2024 (Source: CoinGlass)

Similarly, Bitcoin options open interest saw a dramatic increase from $12.27 billion at the beginning of February to a peak of $19.08 billion by Feb.23 before dialing back to $15.82 billion towards the month’s end. Options provide the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) Bitcoin at a specified price, offering more complex strategies for traders to express bullish or bearish views or to hedge existing positions. The initial spike in options open interest reflects a robust engagement from investors, leveraging options for directional bets on Bitcoin’s price and protective measures against potential downturns.

bitcoin options open interest
Graph showing the open interest in Bitcoin options from Feb. 1 to Feb. 26, 2024 (Source: CoinGlass)

The ratio between calls and puts for Bitcoin options provides a deeper insight into market sentiment and potential expectations for Bitcoin’s price direction. The distribution between calls and puts is a direct indicator of the market’s bullish or bearish inclinations, with calls representing bets on rising prices and puts on falling prices.

As of Feb. 26, the open interest in Bitcoin options was skewed towards calls, comprising 63.76% of the total, compared to 36.24% for puts. This distribution reinforces the bullish sentiment observed through the increase in options open interest earlier in the month. A predominance of calls in the open interest suggests that a significant portion of market participants were expecting Bitcoin’s price to continue rising or were utilizing calls to hedge against other positions.

btc options open interest calls vs puts
Graph showing the ratio between calls and puts for Bitcoin options open interest on Feb. 26, 2024 (Source: CoinGlass)

However, the 24-hour volume tells a slightly different story, with calls accounting for 47.24% and puts for 52.76%. Compared to the overall open interest, this shift towards puts in the daily trading volume might indicate a short-term increase in caution among traders. It suggests that within the last 24 hours, there was a noticeable pick-up in defensive strategies or bearish bets.

open interest calls vs puts volume
Graph showing the ratio between calls and puts for Bitcoin options volume on Feb. 26, 2024 (Source: CoinGlass)

The immediate implication for Bitcoin’s price is a potential increase in volatility. The bullish sentiment, as evidenced by the growing open interest and high proportion of calls, supports a continued positive outlook among many market participants. However, the recent uptick in puts volume may signal upcoming price fluctuations as traders adjust their positions in anticipation of or in response to new information or market trends.

Considering these, the market appears to be at a crossroads, with a strong bullish sentiment tempered by short-term caution. This scenario often precedes periods of heightened volatility as conflicting expectations play out through trading activities.

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