The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 13 – Goat Soup

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: It’s Goat Soup time. Milonakis introduced the title of his first critical NFT assortment and launched the primary pattern, pictured above. The Goat Soup staff selected pixel artwork and a 24×24 format as a result of the venture is 100% on chain. That means, their items must be gentle as a result of they’ll stay within the Ethereum blockchain. We’ll get again to Goat Soup quickly sufficient, however first…

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Did you discover the parallelism between Andy Milonakis’ first-ever NFT and his Bored Ape?

Look, they’re each crying and every little thing.

Is it destiny or did Milonakis mastermind this? We wouldn’t know, however he purchased the Bored Ape within the earlier episode for 30 ETH. Today, the ground value for the BAYC is nearly 50 ETH. That’s what we within the business name timing.

Fair Compensation For Goat Soup ’s Pixel Artist

Andy Milonakis is right here to make the world a greater place. The artist who drew his pixel goats charged him manner too little, and he asks the group, “You assume if i give her a 50x bonus what she quoted me initially is honest?” Later on, we’ll be taught that the girl requested for simply $500.

But wait, Milonakis desires to assist however, let’s not exaggerate. He gained’t give her a proportion of the gross sales till Goat Soup model two. “I believe if we promote out I ought to give her like 50K and possibly for Version 2 i’ll assist her with crypto and provides proportion?”

He has a motive for that, although. And it’s an excellent one, Milonakis plans to spend the remainder of his life constructing utility for these Goat Soup NFTs. The artist, alternatively, solely spent a number of days drawing them. Is Andy proper or is he being exploitative? In the top, he decides to provide her the $50K. “I tweeted this as a result of I wished to be clear. I believe 100X asking value is honest.”

In the replies, the group appears to assume what Milonakis did was greater than honest. Remember, the Goat Soup artist solely requested for $500. The query stays, ought to he have provided her a proportion? 

ETHUSD price chart for 11/22/2021 - TradingView

ETH value chart for 11/22/2021 on Bitfinex | Source: ETH/USD on

Intermission: Andy Milonakis Inspired Art

Speaking about pixel artwork, Milonakis acquired one other present from an artist within the NFT group. This one is an homage to Andy’s obsession with sushi.

Will they mint it as an NFT? Will Milonakis purchase it?

The Goat Soup Collection’s Behind The Scenes

There are particulars about how the Goat Soup assortment took place that’ll be fascinating for future NFT artists and entrepreneurs. For instance, why didn’t Milonakis launch Goat Soup tokens?

The reasons are that Milonakis wished to seek the advice of with a lawyer first and that he wished to construct a group with those that have been within the artwork and the true-life utility, and never with lease-looking for crypto bros.

In the next tweet, he explains why he determined to make Goat Soup a 100% on chain, a undeniable fact that dictated the venture’s route. “Most of the NFT’s on opensea are usually not on chain, and the photographs are housed on a server someplace. My venture will exist on the etherium block chain, and that’s why its pixel artwork”

And, lastly, right here Milonakis publicizes Goat Soup as the gathering’s title and reveals a pattern piece.

Intermission: The Toddlerpillars

Another piece in Andy’s assortment, right here, he tells the story of how he helped The Toddlerpillars by suggesting a trait by way of their Discord server. 

“Disclosure: They hooked me up with 2 nfts as a thanks.” Good for you, Andy.

Milonakis Fights The Masses, Pt. 1000

Another chapter, one other case of Milonakis feeding the trolls. He loves it. This time, although, the criticism is about his Goat Soup assortment.

This is a poorly researched opinion, contemplating the Goat Soup Discord server has over 8000 members and each put up will get this sort of response:

Goat Soup Discord screenshot

Goat Soup Discord screenshot

And right here, a degen calls Andy a scammer. Milonakis responds, “It reveals lack of character that you simply simply randomly accuse folks of sh*t with out doing any analysis. Sorry however with that angle you’re not gonna make it.”

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Goat Soup Essentials

By the general public’s suggestion, the Goat Soup venture has a Twitter account:

Andy and the staff additionally purchased the .com area. No web site but, although.

And nicely, Milonakis is already interested by the longer term. And about the way to carry worth to the NFTs. “When I launch my first hip hop single on opensea, everybody that has a Goat Soup nft (my collection coming quickly) will get a free mint of it.”

The Goat Soup NFTs might be out in every week. There might be a non-public sale for members of the Discord server that have been lucky sufficient to get whitelisted and, proper after, there might be a public sale for everybody . Chances are the venture will promote out in a number of hours. We’ll let you realize what occurred within the subsequent episode of… The Andy Milonakis NFT Show.

Featured Image: The first goat, revealed through this tweet | Charts by TradingView

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